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Please Note: Qustody is now a free and unsupported application. More information can be found here.

Care Givers

Each person that spends time with your child is considered a Care Giver. When you define a Care Giver on Qustody you are defining somebody who cares for your child. For example, you have your childs Father and Mother as well as maybe Grandparents or a Nanny. Either way it is important to know that Care Givers are essential in setting up Quick Days (see below) as each segment of time in a Quick Day will be assigned to a Care Giver. Essentially the childern are cared for by a Care Giver during a segment of time on a Quick Day.

Quick Days

Generally our custody times are pretty standard and don't change much. We have set up a convention for inserting time quickly into the calendar by pre-defining Quick Days. Quick days define segments of time in a single day that the kids are with certian Care Givers. Here are some examples:
  • If you have your kids all day on certain days, then you would have a quick day with 1 segment assigned to you that starts at 12:00 am and ends at Midnight.
  • If you drop off your kids at noon on certian days you would have a Quick Day with 2 segments. The first is assigned to you (12:00 am to Noon) and the second is assigned to Parent 2 (Noon to Midnight).
You can have up to three segments in a day (i.e. You -> Grandparetns -> Parent 2) but remember that Quick Days are basically templates for you to insert in to calendar.

Your Custody Calendar

The goal with the calendar is to fill EVERY day with a Quick Day. This enables you to generate accurate reports. Once you have your Care Givers set up and Your Quick Days all ready to go, simply open the tools menu by clicking on a day or clicking the tools link in the calendar and start. Remember:
  • Every Day should be filled with a Quick Day
  • You can copy and paste full weeks to make time segments easier to enter.
  • You can fill time in advance to plan for upcoming events.

Multiple Custody Calendars

In most cases, your child schedules will only need to be tracked on one calendar but, if you have a situation where you would like to track each of your children separately, you can! In Qustody, all you have to do is add a new calendar and you can track schedules independently.
  • It takes more time to track the calendars separately, so if you can, keep them together.
  • If you need a new calendar, just go to the calendar section in your account and set it up!

Guest Accounts

Do you want to allow other people to view and modify the calendar? Now you can create guest accounts for the people in your life that need to view and possibly modify your calendar times. All you need to do is create a guest account using the persons email address and assign a password. Once you give them their login information, they can log in!
  • You can create as many users as you like.
  • You can define the guest account permission to keep your calendar data safe!